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April 1, 2013
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Father!America x Child!Reader
I Promise
request by RainbowMoostaches

Alfred F. Jones walked out of the kitchen, carrying several cheeseburgers and two huge glasses full of some kind of soda, and paced over to the large, tan couch that sat about 4 yards away from a wide screen TV mounted to the living room wall. You sat on the edge of the couch, waiting for your father to set down the snacks and drinks so the two of you could begin the movie that Japan had sent over. The black haired man had said that this new movie was probably one of his scariest yet and America had gladly accepted Japan’s request to send it over. This also meant that you would have to watch this movie. Your father refused to watch scary movies unless someone was with him. Right now, you were the only one that was around so it was you who would have to sit through this horror movie. You, a six year old child, was being asked by your father to sit on the couch with him and watch the scariest horror movie that Japan could come up with.

After America had everything settled he grabbed a DVD case that was sitting patiently on the entertainment center. Alfred was obviously excited about this movie due to the fact that he was practically dancing with excitement as the DVD player took it’s time turning on. You giggled a bit at your father’s childish behavior and he looked back at you, giving you a wink before placing the DVD in the player and closing the port.

“Are you ready for this _____?” Alfred asked, taking a spot on the couch next to you before grabbing the TV remote in one hand and a burger in the other. “Yes.” You said, trying to convince yourself that it wouldn’t be as scary as Japan said it would be.  “Alright then, let’s start this bad boy!” America shouted, pressing the play button and grabbing his drink for another chug.

The movie began like any other movie, introducing the main characters first so you could get to know everyone’s name and personality. However as the movie progressed more and more creepy things came along. The little girl, the man in the elevator, the woman in the window, everything was just freaky. You were practically in America’s lap by the time the movie was nearing the end. He was also freaking out and the both of you would simultaneously scream during jump scares and really creepy parts. There was no way you were sleeping alone tonight, though you doubted that America would either.

Just as the credits came on after yet another jump scare, the doorbell rang. You shrieked and America unwillingly jumped with surprise. “I-I’ll be right back…” He said a little shakily. However, you were not about to be left alone with creepy music still flowing from the TV as the credits played so you followed your dad to the front door. You were practically shaking and Alfred wasn’t much better. If this situation was anything like that movie then behind that door would be a creepy lady with long black hair and blue skin ready to tear you and your father apart. When the door opened it was… Canada?! You were so relieved. America held his breath, eyes wide and terrified. “Hello Ameri-“ Canada started. “Who are you?! Are you here to take my soul?! Fine! Just don’t take _____! She is still so young and frail!” Alfred shouted.  “America…” Canada started again. “PLEASE JUST LET ME GO!!!” America shouted. “Daddy, it’s just Uncle Matthew!” You said, trying to get your father to calm down. He looked at you, blinking his big, blue eyes a couple of times before turning back to Canada and giving him an apologetic smile. “Haha! I knew it was you the whole time, dude, I just wanted to freak you out!” Your father lied.

Canada looked past America to you. “Hello _____. It’s been a while.” Matthew said, walking into the house and letting America close the door behind him. “Hello Uncle.” You said, giving him a small smile. You felt safer now that Canada was here. That meant if something happened both he and your father could protect you from harm’s way. “So dude, what brings you here?” America asked his brother. “You forgot, didn’t you? I told you I would be visiting today.” Canada told him, walking over to give you a soft hug. “Where is Kumajirou?” You asked. Matthew smiled. “He stayed home today.” He replied. You nodded your head and went back into the living room to turn down the volume on the TV. That music was giving you the creeps.

“Were you guys watching a movie?” Your uncle asked. “Yea, it was a really scary movie.” You answered, deciding that turning on all the lights might make the room less terrifying. Canada turned to your father. “America! You let her watch a scary movie? She might have nightmares…” Matthew fretted, sending Alfred a worried look. “Dude, if anything I should be the one who you should worry about!” America laughed, turning off the TV and taking out the DVD before placing it in the appropriate case. He would have to give Japan a call and tell him that this scare was a huge success. “Alfred, this isn’t funny. This could haunt her for a long time.” Canada scolded, glancing at you once you had finished turning on all the lights and opened the curtains. “Just relax, she’ll be fine.” America told him, fiddling with the DVD case. Matthew sighed in reply. “I hope so.”

You ran back over to you father and uncle to join their conversation. “What are we going to do now that Uncle Matthew is here?” You asked your father, turning your (e/c) eyes in his direction. “Uhh… I’m not really sure. Canada, is there anything specific you want to do?” Alfred asked his brother. “Well… I haven’t eaten since breakfast so some food would be really nice.” Matthew answered, and as if to agree with him, his stomach let out a low growl. “Yea, now that I think about it we haven’t had lunch yet either.” America stated, “What do you want to eat? We can go out if you want.” Matthew thought for a moment, “Yea, okay, that sounds good.” He answered and looked at you. “_____ where do you want to go eat at?” It took no hesitation for you to answer. “McDonald’s!!!” You shouted smiling. Alfred laughed. “She’s just like me!” You father claimed with a smile. Canada sighed. “I was thinking something a little more… healthy.” America thought for a minute. “How about Subway?” He asked. “I guess that’s better.” Matthew said, looking at you to see if you would protest. However, you seemed just fine with Subway.

With that the three of you left for Subway. It wasn’t far from your house so the ride wasn’t long. You just stared out the window while Alfred and Matthew chatted up front. Soon you reached Subway and entered the small building to order something. America ordered for you, knowing what your favorite sub was, and let Canada ponder over which type of sub to get. Alfred paid for Matthew as well and when you all got your food the three of you sat at a table and ate. America of course just about inhaled his sub while Matthew ate his slowly. You only ate half of yours, but that was expected. You folded up the other half in the paper to have for later.

Once the three of you were finished you went driving for a while. Canada said he wanted to go sight-seeing since he didn’t come down to visit that often and he loved to see different places and such. America was obviously eager to share with his brother the beauty that was his country. You were very proud of your father as well and you loved this country more than anything. America would always be your favorite country. Not only was America your home, but America was also your father. Though no one else could ever know of this except for the other countries, so to everyone else your father was simply Alfred F. Jones, but you knew the truth.

As night approached and day turned to dusk, you, Alfred and Matthew all returned home. Canada said he would be leaving immediately because of an unexpected business call he had just received and promised he would be back to visit again some other time. The three of you said your goodbyes and both you and your father watched as Matthew left for his home country.

You and your father walked into the large house the both of you occupied and a quick glance at the time on the clock told you that your bed time had arrived. With that, thoughts of darkness came quickly to mind which also brought up thoughts of the movie you had seen previously that day. Frightful tears welled in your eyes and you turned to your father just as he was about to tell you that it was bed time. “Please don’t make me sleep alone.” You whimpered. Alfred gave you a sympathetic look. “Actually I was about to say the same thing.” He said, picking you up and carrying you to your room. He left to let you change into pajama’s and as soon as you finished you ran to your fathers room just as he finished putting on his night shirt. Well… it was actually a T-shirt with the words ‘America is awesome!’ written across the front.

You took the effort to climb into his tall bed, while he waited to turn off the light. Once you were settled on one side of the bed he shut off the light got under the covers himself. The both of you laid there in silence for a little while and during this silence your mind began to wander. What were you going to do when you got older? America had told you about the times he had spent with England and that they were close until they had had a fight in order for America to become who he is today and for the freedom of his people. Would you and America ever have a fight like that? Would the both of you come to such a disagreement that you would have to fight for what you think is right and leave your father forever? You already knew that America and England are not like how they used to be. Their relationship has gone from brothers to practically strangers. The thought of being separated from your father caused a soft sob to escape your lips.

“_____?” Alfred asked, the concern he held for you was shown through his tone. “Daddy, will we ever become like you and England. Will we ever not like each other anymore too?” You asked shakily. You felt that you could never feel any hate towards your father, but would that all change when you got older? Your father was quiet for a moment before he pulled your body closer to his until you were hugged tightly to his chest. “No. We won’t be like that, I promise. That was different. He wasn’t willing to let me grow up. He didn’t want me to have my own opinion. He wanted me to believe in the same things that he did. That’s why I decided to break away from him and because of that we don’t get along like we used to. We won’t ever be like that because no matter how much I’m going to hate it, I’ll let you grow up. No matter how much I want to help you, I’ll let you choose your path.” America said, pulling you closer to him. “I love you _____ because I’m your dad and nothing will ever change that.” He murmured, rubbing your back softly. “You promise?” You asked, your nerves fading away with your consciousness. Alfred chuckled softly. “I promise.”

The End
This is request number 9! I hope you guys like it. I tried to make it kinda cute at the end. I'm so sorry this is really late! I'm really bad at doing requests... but now I think I will be able to finish them all fairly soon. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it (or more) and I know it was actually yesterday, but Happy Easter :D

As Always
Thanks for reading!
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