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France x Reader
To meet again (happy end)

"_____?" Came a familiar voice. It carried such a strong French accent that it could be no one other than the man you had been questioning in your head. "Francis…" You reply, surprised by the hurt tone in your voice. There is nothing but silence and you think he might have hung up, but after confirming he hasn't you put the phone back to your ear. You merely stand there, waiting for anything. Tears begin to well in your eyes and you aren't sure why. "Well?" -your voice shook horribly- "Where have you been?" You got no reply. Tears streamed down your face. "Do you hate me or something? Did you call to tell me that you don't like me anymore? Francis? Why aren't you saying anything?" -An angry tone flooded your voice- "Say something, Francis!" More tears fell from your eyes and you were sure that Francis could hear your sobs through the phone.

"What am I supposed to say? I'm sorry you 'aven't called me in months?" He replied, sounding a little offended. "You never called me either." You shot back, anger still highly evident in your voice. "It's not my fault! Well… not all of it anyway." Francis mumbled. "Alright, then why did you never call until now?" You asked, the anger fading away ever so slowly. "…I was afraid to call you. You were always the one to call me and I got so used to it that I thought that unless you called me you didn't want to talk to me. Then you just stopped calling me altogether and I thought you 'ated me…" The depressing tone of Francis voice drained the rest of your anger and replaced it with a raw feeling. "You're not the only one who thought you were hated." Came your reply. There was more silence before Francis spoke again.

"Mon ami, where do you live?" You hesitated but gave him your address. What was Francis up to? "Why do you want to know?" You asked. "I'm sending letters to you." Francis answered. Letters? What kind of letters could they be? Over the phone you could hear a car honk. "Francis? Are you outside?" You asked. "Oui, I'm walking to the post office." He replied. You remained silent, not sure where to take the conversation from this point. "Belle, I will call you again 'ere in a little bit. Make sure you keep your phone close. I don't want you to think I forgot about you for a second time." You smiled softly, but a laugh seemed too impossible at this moment. "Ok, I will." You said softly. "Belle, one more thing." You quirked a brow. "What?" You asked. "I love you." Francis said. You felt yourself spring to life with these words. You heart leaped, your entire body went warm and a smile was strewn across your face. You gave a small, soft giggle. "I love you too, Francis. I love you so much." You replied, feeling as though your insides were melting. You were amazed at how these simple words affected you so much. "I will call you 'ere in a little bit." Francis said. "Ok." You replied and put the phone down.

You weren't sure what to do now. You were in the middle of packing to go… well anywhere. Now Francis had called you and you weren't really sure what to do. You didn't want to move away from him anymore but you weren't sure if moving closer to him was a good idea either. You decided that you would continue to pack and decide where you should go later. And so you continued to pack.

As you were packing there was a knock on the door. You were about to go answer the door when your phone began to ring. Picking up the phone, you walked to the door while you hit the answer button and brought the phone to your ear. "Hello?" You answered, already knowing who was on the other line. You unlocked the front door and opened it to see a very familiar blonde. "Francis?!" You shouted. He handed you a stack of envelopes bound by a rubber band. "I decided that maybe I should just bring the letters myself." Francis said, a phone held to his ear. You heard the words repeat in the phone. You felt the phone slip from your fingers as tears rolled down your cheeks. The device landed with a 'plop' on the rug. Ignoring the envelopes, you threw yourself at Francis. He almost fell, but caught himself as his arms instinctively wrapped themselves around your waist. Your arms were tightly bound around his neck, almost to the point where he couldn't breathe. Smiling, Francis tightened his hold on you, placing kisses down your neck.

"I missed you, _____." Francis told you as you pulled himself away from you. "I missed you too." You replied. He wiped the tears from your cheeks which were no longer falling from your eyes. "'Ere." He said, handing you the stack of letters he had brought with him. You took them, feeling the weight in your hand. There were probably about 15 letters in all. You placed them down on your dining table and turned back to Francis. You smiled. "We have a bit of catching up to do, huh?" You asked, wanting to forget the days of doubt. He smiled back, warm and soft. "Yea, we do."

Three years later~

"Francis, did you get the stuff I asked for?" You asked, walking into the kitchen where Francis was putting away groceries. He sighed. "Oui, every last bit." A smile worked it's way onto your face. "Yay! I love you so much!" You said, giving him a hug from behind as he put groceries in the cabinet, though it was a little difficult due to your large stomach. You were, as of today, eight months pregnant. "I love you too." He replied, bring a hand from around his waist to his lips to give it a soft kiss. You smiled until a horrible pain erupted and you felt yourself retract from Francis and placed your hands of your stomach. A scream of pain escaped you lips and you felt like you could easily collapse to the floor. "_____?!" Francis shouted, turning around to find water at your feet. You were…

Francis led you to the door and from there he took you to the car. The whole thing was a blur to you, but in the end you ended up in the hospital. While Francis told the woman at the front desk in the E.R. that your water had broken, you sat in a chair, grunting in pain at another contraction. Sooner or later you ended up in a room and you were finally able to make sense of things after the pain subsided. Your baby was finally on it way.

Time skip~

You held the newborn baby in your arms for the first time. It was drifting off to sleep and Francis leaned over to see the baby girl. "She's so pretty." Francis pointed out. "Oui." You replied, causing Francis to smile. "What do you want to name 'er?" Francis asked, brushing a strand of hair from your face. "How about (g/n)?" You asked, looking up into Francis' shining blue eyes. "I love it, mon ami." He answered, giving you a warm smile. You smiled as well, letting your lips greet Francis' as he leaned over to kiss you. "It's just as beautiful as your name." He said after he pulled away. You giggled softly, feeling exhausted. "Here, you hold her for a bit. I want to rest a little." You told Francis, handing the new child off to your husband. "Alright mon belle fleur." He replied as he took the child. You let your eyes close and your arms lay on the bed. It was just as the both of you had thought. Nothing on this earth could tear the two of you apart. Your love was simply to strong for it. Even if it had succeeded, you would somehow meet again.

The End~
Here is the happy ending! I hope you guys liked it. I tried very much to finish it today. I'm hoping I can have the next ending (the true/sad ending) out tomorrow or perhaps Wednesday.

I really do love you guys and thank you so much for reading this. I'm really glad you guys like it and I hope you enjoy the next ending as well.

As always, thank you for reading~

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Happy End: You are here
Sad End: [link]
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Marianne-France Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Student Writer
(。♥‿♥。) Yay ~! I knew he could not resist my wonderful charm and looks, after all! I enjoyed your story, Madame.
Cronalover1997 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Thank you very much ^w^
qui-qui900826 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
OMGGGGG~~! Okay, first, the sad ending was GREAT and I was almost in tears. XDD But this one is SOOO SWEET~~~!!! >.< I love this!!! U r AMAZING at writing!!! :'D
Cronalover1997 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
Thank you so much! I love you :D comments make me want to write and since ive been feeling very lazy lately I would assume that is a very good thing. Thank you!
qui-qui900826 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hahaha~! You're welcome! xD
Lie-The-Cat Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I love it !! <333333

this is so sweet ;u; ahhhh ;u;

I'll read the sad ending too, but I'm kinda scared to read it XD
I bet it's that he found a new girl XD or maybe that he(or "the reader" ) died ;-;
ohhhw now I'm more scared to read it XD
Cronalover1997 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
Lol you are correct on one of those things but I will not tell you which one :D
Lie-The-Cat Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dsfgsjkdgsbg now I'm scared XD

btw.: when do you think, it is finished? :3
Cronalover1997 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012
just finished it! :3
Lie-The-Cat Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay X3 *scarde XD *
kalliat Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I will have to go and read it, this is awesome!
Cronalover1997 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
Thank you so much :3
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